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Inchainge’s game-based learning simulations are in use all around the globe, across more than 700 universities, and by many of the world’s most successful companies. Our immersive business games – The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection, and The Blue Connection – present an innovative approach to learning that puts participants at the heart of a lifelike simulation.


Inchainge offers three innovative business simulation games:

The Fresh Connection, focused on end-to-end value chain management.
The Cool Connection, about the cross-functional approach to working capital and the power of Integrated Business Planning (IBP).
The Blue Connection, challenges you to transform from a linear to a circular business model.
In each simulation, participants become managers within different departments of a virtual company. This company requires a critical turnaround in order to become profitable. It is up to you to identify opportunities and interdependencies within your company and its value chain. The real-world perspective of our business games includes life-like challenges, pushing you to develop strategies in order to successfully deal with these challenges.

The best business simulations force their participants to get out of their comfort zones. This will allow you to think on your feet, just like you would in an everyday situation. The added benefit of our simulations is that they provide you with instant feedback on your choices. During multiple game rounds, you learn by experience by gradually finding solutions for inefficiencies. In your pursuit of the best solutions, you are free to experiment with multiple scenarios within the different departments of the company, and its value chain.


The Value Chain Experience
Sales & Operations Planning
Risk & Resilience
Circular Strategy
CO2 Footprint
Bridging the gap between the physical and financial supply chain
Logistics Footprint


Online, In Classroom, Hybrid


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