ISAGA Summer School on Evaluation and Research vom 26.09.2022 bis 30.09.2022 (= 5 Tage)

Centre for Management Simulation of DHBW Stuttgart, Paulinenstr. 50, 70178 Stuttgart
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26.09.2022 - 30.09.2022 (= 5 Tage)


The ISAGA Summer School from 26/09/2022 to 30/09/2022 will highlight "evaluation & research" in the field of simulation games. We start the week with common simulation game experiences. This will then serve as a basis for further activities. We want to bring the participants into dialogue, set impulses and move forward together. 

Experienced trainers will lead through workshops, game play sessions and impulses addressing methods of evaluation in the field of simulation games. The program is framed by excursions and fellowship at our colourful social programme.

The Summer School is hosted by the Centre of Management Simulation at the Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, Germany. Partners are ISAGA and SAGSAGA as the local SAGA Association.

Target Groups

  • People from ISAGA and SAGSAGA Community
  • Experienced or less experienced researchers in the field of simulation games
  • Lecturers at Universities
  • PhD candidates and students dealing with simulation games


  • Addressing methodological and analytical questions concerning research on game-based teaching and learning
  • Examine the topic of learning effectiveness research in simulation games
  • Getting to know methods for evaluating simulation games
  • Acquiring knowledge of different types of business games and topics
  • Learning from experienced lecturers (impulse lectures on aspects of simulation game methodology)

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