ISAGA Conference "Simulation and Gaming for social and environmental transitions" vom 04.07.2023 bis 07.07.2023 (= 4 Tage)

La Rochelle, Frankreich
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04.07.2023 - 07.07.2023 (= 4 Tage)

Global changes related to climate, health, socio-economics, biodiversity, demographics, etc., are leading society to change its organization, its regulation, its actions, and its definition of its relationship with the earth system. These transitions call for cultural changes, which requires education, among other things. But they are also a source of inequality, tensions, conflicts, and oppositions between interest groups, and in this respect, it calls for debate, negotiation, and empathy. Sustainability requires the collective ability and willingness to plan for the future. Transitions also require individuals to know how to adapt, to find the capacities to change. Finally, transitions require redefining a common purpose, a different worldview that gives meaning to our actions, and knowing where we are. Gaming/simulation is a powerful mean to produce spaces of exchange and of multilogue communication around complex issues involving humans and their environment. Gaming/simulation is also a powerful tool to represent, model and simulate dynamics and interactions of different domains, ranging from ecological, biological, physical processes (often convey through the gameboard and its tokens), to social processes such as exchange, trust, power, regulation, innovation (often convey through players interactions)

The ways of applying gaming methodologies to accompany these changes are multiple and reflect the diversity of practices of the simulation and gaming community. This 54th edition of ISAGA conference aims to show the diversity of gaming/simulation practices for these transitions.

To help you prepare your venue to ISAGA conference in La Rochelle, these are the important dates to take into account.

  • 23rd November 2022  – Call For Papers
  • 13th February 2023 – Submission deadline for Papers, Extended abstracts, and Thematic sessions
  • 6th March 2023 – Submission deadline for Posters, Game demonstration workshops, Thematic activity workshops, and Game exhibition stands
  • 14th March 2023 – Notification of acceptance & registrations
  • 2nd May 2023 – Delivery of the final versions for Papers, Extended abstract, and Thematic sessions
  • 22nd May 2023 – Delivery of the final version of the abstract for Posters, Game demonstration workshops, Thematic activity workshops, and Game exhibition stands (abstracts will be included in the Conference booklet)
  • 4th to 7th July 2023 – ISAGA conference in La Rochelle, France (in-person only) 
For those who cannot travel, an additionnal day for online-only paper presentations will be organized on the 28th June 2023. The dates for the submission deadline, notification of acceptance and delivery of the final version, are the same as for the in-person conference.